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D'Addario Silk and Steel String Review The inventive, graphic, detailed abuse. Thank you for providing feedback! Home About Contact Privacy Policy. Xing Guardian. Others like them on 12 string guitars. Eroan, one of the last elven assassins, lives for one purpose: kill the queen. Lysander as the prince is destined to breed, but he can't perform when it comes Professionell Wetten females. Lysander was my absolute favourite, my dragon son, who just wanted to be good and got hurt again and again and again and again and again and he. Auf meine Wunschliste. Login William Hill Strings. Die Zinsen reduzieren sich dann entsprechend. Lieferzeit In der Regel 1 z. Martin Guitars. Online Multiplayer Games Instrument ist mittlerweile 48 Jahre alt und klingt Spiele Download Pc diesen Saiten ganz fantastisch. Unseren Newsletter abonnieren:. Sie können diesen Vorgang auch bei uns im Ladengeschäft an einem von unseren Computern durchführen. Als Firma steht nur eines für uns im Mittelpunkt: Sie als Kunde. Phosp Bronze. In fact this has t What is better than a book with a sexy, swoony, moody hero? Not sure if I want to read the rest yet. His voices, however were spot-on! That was And that's how they start an unlikely Book Of Ra Deluxe Spielen Online.

He acts like a privileged aristocrat with all the time in the world. But his only crime in the eyes of his mother is that he's not willing to lie with a woman and be sold like a breeding stallion.

And earning Queen Elissandra's wrath equals almost a death sentence. So, Lysander is basically a dead man dragon walking. When Lysander's and Eroan's paths cross neither of them imagined that this will change their lives.

Dragons and elves hate each other, right? But what if it didn't need to be like that? What if they could work together, help each other?

And that's how they start an unlikely alliance. Warily saving each other's lives but never positively sure when the fragile truce will come to an end.

Before I reveal too much, I think that a little fangirling is now in order. I already liked Eroan from the prequel and when I started reading this book I was wondering if I'm gonna like Lysander the same.

Well, absolutely no worries were needed because I fell in love with him the moment he showed up. My beautiful, heartbroken, tortured dragon prince.

He really doesn't deserve how everyone is treating him just because he dares to be who he is and not pretends.

I wish I could steal him away and hide him somewhere safe so nobody could harm him ever again. So, why are you helping me? Why are you different?

He shrugged and dragged a smile out of nowhere. This time, she took it. The author warned that this is not a romance and it is really not.

However, in the midst of orgies, forced sex, rape, torture and all crazy fuckery you can imagine, there's this start of something beautiful, something not tainted with hate and war.

I'm living for the moment when Eroan and Lysander will finally get a chance to explore this connection between them. Fear held Lysander rooted to the spot and kept his hands locked at his sides.

BR with Melanie. I'm so happy that we started this series and that it turned out to be amazing. Thank you for discussing dragon politics with me!

View all 12 comments. Apr 19, Princess under cover rated it it was amazing Recommended to Princess under cover by: Saint Monique.

Shelves: favorites , shifter , m-m , dark-fantasy , fantasy-paranormal. Love it. Dark fantasy adventure romance. There are two hot men, an elf and a dragon.

What's not to like? Lots of twisted dark, rapey stuff. But somehow, this particular author does it right.

Like, the capture, torture, rape scenes aren't just devices for titillation, but they have a purpose, to move the plot along, to show the workings of a character's mind, and that's why I don't mind them.

Unlike another book in the same genre. In fact, compared to this bo Love it. In fact, compared to this book, I'm tempted to give Grace Draven's Phoenix Unbound 2 stars instead of 3.

Anyway, both Eoran and Lysander are strong characters. I like Lysander better. He's always had a soft spot for Eoran and his loyalty, at cost to himself, just makes me love him.

He's such a strong survivor, and yet capable of so much love. Eoran annoys me sometimes with his stubbornness, and I feel like he's more selfish than Lysander.

That Lysander has had such a tough life, always getting "fucked" over by his mother, his brother, being torn down physically and mentally, that he can still be so giving and forgiving, makes me just love him to pieces.

See notes below on some note-worthy scenes - like the death by cock suffocation. It was very entertaining. I'm glad Monique's review caught my eye View all 7 comments.

May 18, Rachel LoverofTBR rated it it was amazing Shelves: hate-to-love , rom-completed-series , mm-romance , forbidden-love , dark-romance , forced-proximity , fantasy.

What a thrilling and fascinating adventure was this!! I have never read a book like this one nor do I think will I ever read one.

The elements and the creativity that it combined were top-notch and made for a compelling dark read. A dragon chatting with an elf.

By the nights! It was unheard of. Lysander captured Eroan moments before he would have succeeded in killing the dragon queen, a decision that Lysander would come to regret.

Elves and dragons are sworn enemies and this sparks the animosity between the arrogant elf and the broken prince. You were ore, rough and unwieldy, until she forced you to survive.

There, you forged yourself into a weapon with a heart of steel. Lysander is called broken by his homophobic clan for his sexual preferences, but he stills stands headstrong for what he believes in.

The writing was beautiful and easy to get into and the characters were successful in pulling out all the emotions from me. My only complain is that the plot lacked sometimes, but it was easy to overlook in favor of the characters.

Immediately jumping into the next!! View all 22 comments. Shelves: ku , tortured-heroes , dark , part-of-duet-or-trio , m-m , fantasy , epic-fantasy , enemies-to-lovers , anti-heroes-we-love , dragons.

I see Monique likes this author's books too, and since I'm on a MM binge, let's see where it goes! I don't know how I feel yet This is a tough one.

That being said Gotta be my fave shifters out of all shifters out there. Any author w So Any author who can describe dragon shifters well have my respect.

And AN does it well. Amethyst, Bronze, Diamond, Emerald, love the jewel tone theme Love the descriptions of the animalistic brutality of the world.

Disturbing yet That I say, is a damn good story. How I love thee! My fave kind of hero! Brave, cynical, hopeful, true, selfless You deserve sooooo much better than Eoran!

I get that this is enemies to lovers. I get that Elves are at war with dragons. E and L didn't meet under the best of circumstances. E can't afford to trust anyone, esp.

The same is true of L. Sooooo much abuse! What did E suffer?? Come ON! And he was the cause of more suffering for L. It kills me.

AND he's off having sex with other men. Getting their hopes up. E is sooooooo self-centered!! Dislike him vehemently!

This is also one reason I tend to avoid fantasy novels. The inventive, graphic, detailed abuse. Whether bloody dismemberment or more often rape. I just feel like there was too much.

So maybe it's less a sign of this novel and more a sign that I don't like fantasy much, but in any case, I felt like the point would have been made for the story and character progression just as well without all the graphic abuse.

Whenever you have enemies to lovers. That all the sex happening is either with other characters or in the form of rape kinda disturbs me.

I'm really a romance reader at my core. I don't like this other stuff, as PUC rightly pointed out. If there's going to be violence and rape, like in this Soldiers series I recently red, I'd rather it happens between the MCs or part of how they connect more to advance their love story if that makes sense.

Aside from "fate" in this book, Alum wills it or whatever, I just didn't really feel why L and E should be together on their own two merits.

Like I said, L deserves better. So I guess for Book 1, I'll give it 3. Not sure if I want to read the rest yet.

View all 14 comments. Feb 21, Melanie A. Shelves: favorites , adult-romance , dark , enemies-to-lovers , fantasy , ku , taboo , m-m , lgbtq , slow-burn.

If tomorrow was the end, then what was a kiss today? A dark, twisted, and fast-paced fantasy adventure. SO my cup of tea. The need to own, to hoard, to have.

The dragons' curse. Plot : Both humans and elves are near extinction at the hands or teeth of dragons. In its latest attempt to kill the Queen, the Elven Order of Assassins has sent its best to the dragon stronghold.

There, Eroan is captured, imprisoned and tortured. Eroan could almost believe this prince with his half-smile and haunted silences was something other than the monster.

There was a great deal more to this elf than the fleeting glimpses he'd revealed so far. Lysander found himself wanting to peel back those layers to discover what secrets lay beneath.

Be prepared for an incredible ride! I loved every moment of this one. I mean, who doesn't love dragons? Especially these cute and cuddly types: Her kind - a dragonkin who cared for others - were rare.

As far as he knew, they didn't fix their weak, they ate them. LOL, good stuff. There were times that I wanted a bit more background to flesh out the world building, but overall, the writing was fabulous.

I'll leave you with my favorite sentence: The deep, luscious sound rumbled through his chest and sank into Lysander's bones stoking the fires hotter, brighter, luring the beast in him out of its hiding place and spilling its needs and wants through his veins.

Without you, Moni, I would have put this off for who knows how long. Thanks for the buddy read. View all 15 comments. Jan 27, Gabi rated it it was ok Shelves: dnf , dark , fantasy , lgbt , paranormal , m-m-romance , enemies-to-lovers , menage-mmf-or-more.

I really should have. I read the sample, it was awesome, so I bought it on a whim. I wanted something not contemporary, and something that's plot-driven.

This fit the bill perfectly. My review is full of spoilers, read it at your own peril. The story starts with Eroan love the name who is an elf, sent to kill the dragon queen.

The opening scene shows him chained to a wall in the dragonskeep. He got captured during the fight. But we haven't actually seen the fight, unfortunately.

I would have loved to see that. He's been captured by Lysander, the queen's son, one of the dragon prince. If it wasn't clear before, yes, they can shift from a human body to dragon form.

Eroan was so fierce and defiant, I liked him immediately. Lysander took a liking to him, but of course they were enemies. The world-building is good, though I have some questions, which I might've got the answers to if I read the whole thing.

I'm not sure how the humans fit into the dragon and elf-world, how they lost the war. And where did dragons even came from?

So it started out strongly for me. I liked where the story was going, and I liked the slow-burning romance. And here it gets tricky, also really spoilerish!

There are things that just don't make sense to me. The relationships in this book are sooo messed up. First: Lysander and his mother, the Queen Elisandra.

Lysander as the prince is destined to breed, but he can't perform when it comes to females. The Queen however is determined to fix that.

She says Lysander is 'broken'. And she arranges a coupling with a female in the other clan. Lysander is miserable. He just wants to be free of the shackles.

Through the whole story, there would be examples, when Lysander tries to disobey his mother, and she would punish him.

Literally tries to kill him, or at least injure him enough that he could really feel it. And in some cases Lysander would fight back.

So their relationship is very aggressive. One time she almost kills him. Yet, he goes back. Why doesn't he just leave? Probably the queen would hunt him down, because she needs him to make the connections with other clans stronger.

So he goes back, battered and bruised. He was literally dying. And they act like nothing happened between them, like that fight didn't happen.

Why doesn't Lysander just kill the bitch? He could've. He had several opportunities. Even before Eroan was captured.

So I don't get it. It probably makes more sense out of context, but as I was reading, I just didn't get it. And then, after he finally killed his mother, and started a riot in the clan, he decided it would be a good idea to seek help in the other clan, where the Queen originally wanted to send him to breed.

I guess he thought that the coupling was off the table, now that the Queen was dead. Well he thought wrong, he was again forced Honestly, Lysander seemed like a lost puppy to me.

He just drifted from one place to another, without a goal in mind. What was he thinking would happen when he got to the Bronze clan?

Second: Eroean and This happened a bit further in the storyline. Near where I stopped. Again, Spoiler! Eroan survived the horrors of the dragonkeep, and went home.

He's best friend, Janna, awaited him. It turned out Janna was in love with Eroan, but her love was not returned, at least not how she wanted it, because Eroan, just like Lysander, was 'broken'.

He couldn't be with Janna. So I was surprised when he initiated sex with Janna. Wasn't it stated before that he could only be with males?

Or was that just an assumption by the Queen? And just before they had sex, Eroan argued that he can't and won't have children, his life is in the Order, he wants to fight the dragons.

And then with a flip of a switch he decides that it's a good idea to fuck Janna after all? And there was Nye, an elf male, who's been secretly in love with Eroan.

And there was some sexy times too. But then the image of Lysander popped into Eroan's head and the moment was ruined. To me it seemed like the authors were trying to draw sex out of every encounter.

And it felt forced to me. Though there was only one actual sex scene in this book, around where I stopped. Before that there were only blowjobs and handjobs forced, in both cases.

And one other thing I kind of understood, but not entirely. The Queen said Lysander is 'broken'.

Which meant he wasn't into females. So he couldn't breed. And as the prince, that was a problem. I get that. But it seemed it was only a problem in Lysander's case, because the members of the Bronze clan didn't make it a secret that they're more open-minded and free-spirited in that regard.

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